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Meet Your Teacher!

Zane Shipman is a member here at Parisview. He is married to his beautiful wife Jessica, and they have a 6-year-old daughter. Zane has had extensive education on teaching and the Bible, offering insight and application to the everday lives of the Youth.

About the Materials

The current Youth program is from the Ministry to Youth company, owned and operated by a husband-and-wife duo who were youth leaders for 15 years ( The curriculum is updated yearly and aims to connect today's youth to principles drawn from God's Word. These lessons incorporate fun games, interactive lessons, and even group events to establish the foundations of a solid relationship with God.


Youth Projects

Have a project you'd like our youth to do? Know of someone who may be in need? Speak to one of our members or staff to let us know, and we may be able to help. Taking local mission projects for the Summer '24 time.

Looking Ahead...
Lessons for 2024

April: NEW - An Easter series on how Jesus makes all things new. Have you ever felt frustrated by what's going on in the world and powerless to do anything about it? God never loses hope because He can (and will!) make all things new.

May: BOSS - Who are the authority figures in your life? What gives them authority? How do you react when they tell you now?

June & July: STORIES (Part 1 and 2) - An 8-week Summer series on the parables of Jesus. Jesus was the master storyteller. His parables had multiple levels of meaning for his original listeners and for his followers today.

August: FRIENDS - A back-to-school series about being a good friend and finding good friends.

September: ATTITUDE - A series on the Beattitudes based on Luke 6:20-22. If you've ever struggled with a bad attitude, you might find some help from Jesus' words in the Beattitudes. Invite God to adjust your attitude as you ease towards the new school year.

October: FEAR - A series helping students overcome their fears. Heights...the dark...the boogeyman...everyone is afraid of something. What do you fear, and how does it affect your life? Let's talk about these scary things as we lead up to Halloween: missing out (Week 1), rejection (Week 2), pain and suffering (Week 3), and failure (Week 4).

November: HUMILITY - A Thanksgiving series on Jesus' teachings about humility. This series explores the true meaning of humility and how the ideas of humility and gratitude work together.

December: PROMISE - A Christmas series on the birth of Jesus built around the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah.

Past lessons

All November, the group has been examining the challenges of being a follower of Christ through the lens and context of TikTok - a social media app that allows users to post short video clips. Throughout the series, videos have been watched, made, and laughed at, all while examining what it means to "be viral" and "be different" as compared to our fellow classmates and coworkers. Below is two videos made throughout this lesson series, so you too can laugh and enjoy our hard work.

TikTok #Challenge
TikTok #KeepitReel

August Arcade Blast

As a celebration of the last few days of summer, we graced the halls of Spare Time in Greenville to play some games, share some laughs, and enjoy a game of laser tag.

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