Meet Your Teacher!

Zane Shipman is a member here at Parisview. He is married to his beautiful wife Jessica, and they have a 5-year-old daughter. Zane has had extensive education on teaching and the Bible, offering insight and application to the everday lives of the Youth.

About the Materials

The current Youth program is from the Ministry to Youth company, owned and operated by a husband-and-wife duo who were youth leaders for 15 years ( The curriculum is updated yearly and aims to connect today's youth to principles drawn from God's Word. These lessons incorporate fun games, interactive lessons, and even group events to establish the foundations of a solid relationship with God.


Summer Youth Projects

During the summer, our Youth work to help serve the community and members at the church. This summer is no different - except the projects are closer to home. This Summer '22, the Youth are working in and around the church, helping to update the Children's Ministry, including: facilities, cleaning, and organizing. Check back here for pictures and updates to the work they will be doing!