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Children's MINISTRy

Meet Your Teacher!

Gale Riden is a member at Parisview and has years of experience working with children. She incorporates music, crafts, and biblical teachings to reach children where they are. Gale's goal is to lead children closer to Jesus - while having a great time!

About the Materials

The current Children's curriculum is a series from Lifeway that goes through the Bible in its entirety, touching on important aspects and stories within. The series, titled The Gospel Project, is interactive, allowing for children to learn and grow as they develop.

For Parents

The Gospel Project provides supplemental materials for students and their families in order to spark discussion and hone concepts learned through interactive lessons and various activities. Each week, your child will learn about concepts and history of the Bible and God's teachings, but you can access these materials at your own leisure to discuss what was taught, or even learn on your own.

Click the link below to access a summary of each lesson, as well as gain access to lesson objectives, activities, and helpful insight.

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