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Special Upcoming Events and Services


The Names of God

In our Wednesday night prayer meeting and Bible study, we are studying the names of God. In the Bible, God is called by many names. But what do they mean? And what do they reveal about Him? Can knowing these names bring the comfort, hope, or healing that we are seeking? Our study explores God's names, and we discuss how men and women throughout Scripture found strength and encouragement in the name of the Lord. The goal of this study is to grow in our relationship with God on a heart-to-heart level, better understanding His protection, care, discipline, and loving guidance in our lives. Come join us and get to know God by name!


Mobile Food Bank

On the fourth Friday of each month, the mobile food bank from Harvest Hope sets up in our church parking lot to distribute food from 11:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. The mobile food bank typically delivers an assortment of meat, produce, and dry goods – and we want to bless our community by sharing this food with them. This ministry is a joint effort with our good friend and ministry partner, Rev. Alfred Johnson, and his church, the Greenville Church Without Walls. Everyone is welcome to come help and to take some food to share. You can also help by spreading the word and by praying for this ministry.


Third Thursday and Miscellaneous Provisions Shop

Every third Thursday of the month, we open up a shop to provide clothes, shoes, necessities, and essential items to the community. The shop usually runs from 3 - 5 PM that day, and is open to the public.

Volunteers are always encouraged and welcomed, as well as shoppers.


Admit One, Admit All

Join us Sunday, December 10 at 5 PM for a Christmas presentation of the birth and importance of Jesus Christ, as well as a presentation of an original play by Chris White.

No cost to the public. Come ready to rejoice and hear the Word of God in a different way.

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